Who are we?

The KMA Network is a group of Marketing Communications, Public Relations, Branding, and production which have come together to deliver your brand’s message to the world.

Established in Tehran in 2008 to fill the gap in the Iran’s marketing and communications industries, KMA now stands apart from traditional practices in the region because of its progressive, research-oriented approach and its open dialogue with clients.

KMA is one of the fastest growing agencies in the Middle East, with a team of over 20 dedicated professional international agencies; KMA Network currently operates from Tehran, Dubai, Beijing and London.

In a world where consumers shape the marketplace, we believe that marketers need more than just good advertising and publicity to drive profitable growth. Businesses need to be able to identify what the market wants in order to deliver responsive solutions. Our mission is to not only create compelling messages for these audiences, but to formulate integrated marketing-communication strategies rooted in extensive market research, ensuring that campaigns have lasting value for the client. At KMA, it’s all about connecting you with the audiences that matter most.


Advertising in Iran

Iran with more than 70 million people is one of the largest and the fastest growing countries in middle east and Tehran with more than 13 million people is the heart of most activates in the country.

Researches indicate that more than 37 million dolor gets spent on advertising monthly in Tehran, that shows one thing and one thing alone , that Iran is an expensive but yet a perfect place for brands to be in.

Due to the lack of media spaces and exclusivity of media, Most of the advertising spaces are always booked for months ahead, therefore most of the companies try to conquer this huge market by being visible everywhere. Because of all the mentioned facts, Iran has always been closed to international media markets.

Most of the international companies have to spend a great deal of time and money to  study the opportunities available  in Iran, and they mostly can not locate the right company to cover their pre marketing research needs.

So , media with us  ‘’ it is just what your brand needs to be seen IRAN ‘’

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