Creative Design

We believe this is the first step and the most important step to every successful promotional and advertising campaign, as everything will evolve around the ideas that have been developed fully in order to pass on the message to all audiences.

The theme and unity colors of a brand gets shaped here , in such way that even the slightest hint of a brand would be able to deliver the core of the message.

The elements of sound, colors and identity of a brand are the most crucial factors of a brand, after the character and the identity of a brand is shaped, it would be easy to deliver the brand message to the market.

Here at KMA, we design and create all the essential elements of a brand identity, as well as implementing the brand’s message into every single creative design.

Here are some of our creative media services:

  • 3D animations & motions graphics
  • Brand theme & identification
  • Branded Architecture Design
  • Campaign (advertising and promotion)
  • Concept creation
  • Event Messaging & Theme Development
  • Graphic & Website design
  • Unity colors & sounds