Marketing Management

Just as every other project, an advertising campaign needs a perfect management system.

Traditionally, marketing analysis was structured into three areas: Customer analysis, Company analysis, and Competitor analysis (so-called “3Cs” analysis). More recently, it has become fashionable in some marketing circles to divide these further into certain five “Cs”: Customer analysis, Company analysis, Collaborator analysis, Competitor analysis, and analysis of the industry Context.

This is our responsibility to manage and control the brand image and the brand identity of the campaign. By managing the advertising campaign we secure our concepts and goals that need to be sent out in the market. Every single presence of a brand should be passed through the filters of the management system.

This is the most cost effective part of a campaign where we develop and improve our effect on the market.

  • Advertising & Promotional campaign Management
  • Branding & Marketing Management
  • Total campaign management & filtering