Marketing Services

Before entering into the market, first we need to evaluate the market and to analyze the strategic solutions in order to launch a brand or a product. It is needed for companies to know the complete market research and to find out what the estimated evaluation of the market will be on their products.

Often companies spend unnecessary amount of money to cover the areas that are not needed for the promotional plan, there for market services will give us a better image of how to enter a market. Market services will also guaranty the feedback result on our campaign and it shows the effect that our campaign has had on different levels of the market.


The following marketing services are provided by us:

  • Marketing research & analysis (General & customized )
  • Market evaluation & targeting
  • Product pre-test & post test
  • Business to people (B2P)
  • Business to business (B2B)
  • E-marketing (Online advertising)
  • Marketing consultancy
  • Marketing feed back
  • Marketing management

Market segmentation

With our Market segmentation services, we would be able to identify the key groups or segments within the general market that share specific characteristics and consumer habits. Once the market is broken into segments, companies can develop   advertising   programs for each segment, focus advertising on one or two segments or niches, or develop new products to appeal to one or more of the segments. This method of   marketing is used to the one-size-fits-all mass marketing approach, because it allows them to target specific groups that might not be reached by mass marketing programs.

    • Geographical

Where we study the different locations of the cities to focus advertising and the material of advertising will be different.

    • Personality

Depending on the personality, age and behavior of people or companies in the target area the promotion will be different.

    • Demands

Depending on the demands of the market, the promotion will be set differently.