Architectural Projector

MULTIPLE FORMAT PROJECTOR FOR HIGH LUMINOSITY DIGITAL MULTIVISION The Stark projector, developed in 1999, has created a real revolution in the world of giant image projections and large scale scenographies. Thanks to our expertise and know-how, not to mention the performance of our projectors, Stark has become an international leader in the Industry. The International Patents covering the innovative solutions have confirmed its worldwide success.

  We are a team of image experts. The prestigious multivision events we have created over the years prove that we can fully support the customer in producing great venues and shows, in all phases of the organization no matter how big the event. We are a team of professionals that focuses on the production of projectors and accessories for the projection of large scale scenographies and architectural multivisions both indoors and out. This led us to create a bonafide Stark System. In fact, Stark is not merely a projector but an integrated system for large projections. Thanks to its Patented System, Stark is the only compact projector that has really shown in concrete terms its ability to compete with the larger projectors with an energy consumption of 4-5 KW, but not 4-5 KW of light on the screen! The images for Sanremo, the 2005 Bormio Ski World Championship and the permanent installation in San Siro Stadium (the largest in the world) prove Stark’s ability to operate in difficult light conditions.

A slide projector for MULTIVISION and LARGE SCALE SET-DESIGN SCENOGRAPHIES with high power luminosity and great flexibility with a DIGITAL SCROLLER for medium format films for great shows and multimedia events. An evolutionary automatic programming system and even quieter operation are just a couple of the new PRO series characteristics. t, Macromedia flash, Web

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