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Created by full high definition LCD screen and high technology networking program solution

The market for digital signage is growing worldwide providing different advantages compared to conventional advertising media. Digital signage is the most interesting medium for advertisers, and media companies and consumers. Its high flexibility and the possibility of just-in-time content changes makes digital signage the perfect media for reaching target groups in a society which becomes more and more mobile.

DEVIEW digital information displays represent state-of-the-art display technology for any environment. Meeting the highest industrial standards, DEVIEW provides a high degree of operational reliability and superior quality image which are important preconditions for attracting the attention of today’s consumers.

  • User friendly innovative networking software program
  • Deview provides two kinds of high tech networking program. One is Web Server version program and the other is Local HUB version program

  • Web Server version program is used by server
  • It can network and control great number of Deview through server. If you or your clients want to network/control many units at different places, our web server version program can serve you

  • Local HUB version program does not need server
  • You can manage number of DEVIEW units (up to 254 units) at local same network through your regular PC or laptop. If you want to use it individually without networking, connect keyboard and mouse to the USB ports on Deview and use Deview like regular PC which provides advantages for retail individual shop, convenient store, restaurant, etc. Especially Deview local HUB version program is innovative high technology, practical and user friendly networking software without server which we have developed the first in the world in digital signage display field.

Interactive information advertisement solution

DEVIEW provides interactive information advertisement solution. Interactive solution is the trend for information’s and commercial. advertisement which communicates between product and consumer directly that maximizes the effects

  • Scheduling programs at real time changes
  • Our digital signage solution DEVIEW replaces outdated reader boards and real-time change the event schedules. This ability provides scheduling play list, preset automatic on/off time and live broadcasting, etc. This elegant system can be administrated individually or in groups of units placed around through your intranet platform.

  • Gorgeous interior effects
  • The inclusive custom design option ensures DEVIEW matches your gorgeous interior design along with your branding guidelines

  • Multiple divisions of the picture
  • DEVIEW provides multiple divisions of the picture to maximize the effects for informations, commercial advertisements, etc.

  • A/V input feature (option)
  • DEVIEW audio video input device enables to display and sound TV, DVD, Camcorder, ENG camera, etc.

  • Tempered Security Glass
  • In order to protect the displays against vandal attacks and thus avoiding additional costs during the operational period DEVIEW covers the screens with a tempered security glass. Combined with the ability to lock the keys for the on-screen menu and the solid metal frame housing the DEVIEW displays are the perfect visual equipment for the usage in high frequented public areas.

  • Interactive touch screen function (Option)
  • As an option, all DEVIEW displays can be equipped with touch screen functionality. Infrared touch screen technology is adopted that makes the DEVIEW displays a versatile touch screen product for interactive applications. Innovative digital information display.

  • Ultra-High Native Resolution

    With a native resolution of 1920 x 1028, DEVIEW digital signage displays FHD High-resolution data information on the LCD screen with an aspect ratio of 16:9. The native FHD resolution ensures brighter and sharper images when FHD graphics and videos are displayed.

  • Wide Viewing Angle
  • The wider the panel’s viewing angle is the more viewers are able to see the contents being displayed. This is important for both meeting environments as well as public area installations. Having a wide viewing angle of 178° (H/V) DEVIEW Digital Signage brings the displayed to the entire audience.

  • Special Out-Of-Home LCD DID Panel
  • By using commercial grade DID LCD panels for Out-Of-Home applications DEVIEW Digital Signage has a higher brightness, contrast, durability and reliability than standard LCD TV panels. DEVIEW DID LCD panels enable you to operate for during working time and deliver clear and bright images in either the portrait or landscape format without any losses of quality.

  • High Luminance & Contrast
  • Achieving a luminance of up to 1,500 cd/m² and working with a smart dynamic contrast technology, the special Out-Of-Home DEVIEW DID panels ensure bright and sharp pictures with a facsimile depth, even in brightly lighted environments.

  • Metal Frame Housing
  • DEVIEW digital signage has a solid metal frame housing. This ensures that the panel is well protected especially for public area installations. In addition the metal frame gives the product a high quality appearance.

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