LED Screen

We lead the way in LED display manufacturing technology. Its advertising LED display, rental use LED display, fixed installation LED display ,stadium perimeter LED display ,mobile trailer LED display , water floating LED display ,transparent LED display ,LED digital billboard, LED mesh display screen for skyscraper’s decoration, arc LED display, LED components & complete LED full color video systems undergo stringent quality control at ISO 9001-certified manufacturing plants.


Our main suppliers of chipsets are the best and more usable in the world

  • Silan
  • Cree
  • Nichia

We offer a wide range of LED screens which will be view in details in the following pages.

LED applications

  • Indoor
  • Outdoor
  • Sports and events
  • SMD production
  • Curtain / Mesh LED
  • Digital billboards
  • Digital signage
  • Rental
  • Truck and mobile LED
Advertising LED display LED Display Screen makes it possible that deeply expanding the advertising markets and adequately revealing the enterprise.

There are a lot of advantages of LED screens: easy installation (removable), less investment, large information capacity (one carrier for many advertisements), high efficiency (any information could be sent no matter where the media is or how many it is), high-usage of the carrier (almost zero labor cost or resources), and good night viewing effects, that the traditional wired screen couldn’t compare to.


Sport LED screen

With constant development of the technology, it becomes the necessary facility in modern stadiums. LED Display Screen besides the football ground is mainly used for advertising, and it could screen advertisement repeatedly, with rich content and excellent performance. The screen is mainly installed around the football ground. LED Screen manufactured in our factory is adaptable in any circumstance. Besides, outdoor LED screen could provide solutions of high quality display for any athletic contests.  

LED Panel Rental

LED Panel Rental includes Indoor and Outdoor LED panel, and there are Magic clear panel, Curtain wall panel, mesh LED panel, Raster screen, and Light bar panel rental services. The surface of cabinets is flat and uniform, with wide viewing angles, furthermore, every pixel is made of high quality CREE LED with long life span. Cabinet structure is made of steel frame and aluminum alloy  

Stage LED displays

With the development of LED Display Screen, stage background screen is more and more popular with directors. Happiness and passion are resulted from big scenes, big pictures with songs and dances, to playing up the alive environment. Stage background LED screen includes Grid LED Screen, Stripe LED Screen, Curtain LED Screen, Bead curtain LED Screen and unregularly LED Screen. Stage background LED Display Screen is excellent in light  

Mobile LED panel

Mobile led panel includes Rental LED Display Screen and LED Panel movable LED screen installed on vehicles. Rental Screen is widely used for concert, exhibition, live meeting, news conference and live broadcast, etc. There are abundant features of this kind of product, such as easy package, installation, disassembling, and operation, meantime, cabinets are replaceable and light, with modules design and complete configuration.  

Curtain LED sign

mesh LED sign is a new product in chic style, with the latest control technology and rich production-experiences, the screen is light in structure, easy to install, and low cost. It is suitable for pubs, stages, and hotels; also the back of glass in buildings is available. The grid is euphotic and empty, so the natural lighting of the building is unaffected. LED screen could broadcast multi-media video animation as well as shadow changes designed by professional designers, so as to reveal abundant artistic charming.

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